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Chronic Insomnia Side Effects

Chronic Insomnia Side Effects

There are many insomnia side effects that are detrimental to one’s health that you should be aware of. The reason that it is important to understand the side effects is so that you can take conscious steps to overcome your insomnia. If you actually work hard to overcome your insomnia, you will reduce the unhealthy side effects and feel much better about yourself. Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, and some people have it so severe that it limits their ability to get a good night’s sleep and concentrate during the day. First of all, let’s take a look at and identify some insomnia side effect(s) that you should know about.

Side effects of insomnia

  1. Stress – If you are super stressed out, not only could it be because of your insomnia, but it could be making your insomnia worse. Stress and insomnia are a “two way street” (e.g. one can make the other worse, and vice-versa). Make sure that you practice relaxation exercises if you are experiencing stress as an insomnia side effect.
  2. Anxiety – Feeling nervous, tense, and anxious is a trademark of insomnia. It feels absolutely terrible to have this tight knot of nervous energy in your “gut” – but you can reduce it by learning how to consciously relax.
  3. Depression – It is very common for insomniacs to feel depressed about life. If you don’t get enough sleep during the night (because you stayed up too late), you could end up feeling down in the dumps and way more emotional about minor things.
  4. Irritability – If you are flipping out or are getting mad at things that other people perceive as being very minor, then you are probably getting irritable. Are you lashing out with anger at people for no good reason? It may be tough for you to tell, but it will become quite obvious to others.
  5. Lack of energy – If you don’t have enough energy during the day, this could be a direct result of your insomnia. If you don’t fix your insomnia condition, you are going to feel like a giant slug for most of the day. The best thing to do is to exercise hard (even if you feel tired) so that you are able to tire your body out and fall asleep at night instead of repeating the process; feeling tired, daytime rest, staying up, feeling tired, resting during the day, staying up, etc.
  6. Poor concentration – Some people with severe insomnia are not able to concentrate to the point that they have rapid thoughts running through their mind that are uncontrollable. You may experience ADD and ADHD type symptoms. In fact, you may actually develop ADD simply because you aren’t getting quality sleep (this can happen). To avoid these side effects of insomnia, you need to get some help.

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Chronic insomnia side effects

There are many things that you can do to deal with chronic insomnia side effects besides taking a sleeping pill. Some people need to get more exercise, while others need to change their diets, and others need to just be more responsible about going to bed at a reasonable hour. Know what types of foods you are eating and think about whether you are having too much caffeine, alcohol, or doing drugs late at night. Another thing to be aware of is fish oil side effects insomnia; the side effects can significantly reduce the insomnia that you experience. If you aren’t able to figure out what can be done about your insomnia, check out some of the articles below (they should get you on the right track).

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