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Terminal Insomnia Treatment and Causes

Terminal Insomnia Treatment and Causes

Terminal insomnia is a condition in which people go to sleep for a few hours (limited period of time) and then they wake up and cannot fall back asleep. It is not the same thing as general insomnia in which people cannot fall asleep initially. This is different in that people are able to fall asleep just fine, but they will usually wake up after a few hours of sleep and they won’t be able to fall back asleep after they initially wake. However, it is possible to have both general insomnia and terminal as well. This can cause significant problems because it interferes with normal sleeping patterns and can result in a variety of mood problems including: depression, anxiety, and anger. If you have this condition, it is important to treat it as soon as possible so that you can recover and get back to a healthier lifestyle.

Terminal insomnia treatment

The most common treatment for terminal insomnia is relaxation before bed. This can be done by avoiding things like Facebook, TV, cell phone texting, and the computer. All of these things stimulate us and get us too excited before bed. In order to get a restful night’s sleep and avoid all types of insomnia, you need to relax. Various relaxation techniques that you can try include: meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and listening to relaxing music (or white noise). It can be difficult to know what exactly causes this type of insomnia, but the speculation is that there is an underlying emotional problem that hasn’t been addressed in the person that keeps waking up.

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Terminal insomnia depression, anxiety, and mental health

If you have terminal insomnia, it could be a result of depression, anxiety, and/or another mental health problem. If you already know that you have one of these problems, it is important to target it directly before you can expect the insomnia to subside. Understand that there is no terminal insomnia cure if you aren’t able to directly target whatever is causing it.

What are some terminal insomnia cures?

The best cures for terminal insomnia are different depending on what is causing your insomnia in the first place. If you don’t know what is causing your symptoms, think about: your diet, whether you are using alcohol, doing drugs, exercising enough, and happy with life. Also, consider consulting a psychologist and/or a sleep specialist in order to get an alternative opinion. Most people don’t take a good look at their habits from a third-person perspective so they aren’t really aware of what they are doing to themselves. Most people that change their habits are able to overcome this insomnia, but it definitely takes awhile; don’t expect a “quick fix.”

source : Terminal Insomnia: What It Is and How to Treat It


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