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The Health Benefits of Zucchini (Courgette)

The Health Benefits of Zucchini (Courgette)

There are tons of health benefits of zucchini that you should be aware of if you like to eat this particular food. It is sometimes called a “courgette” and comes from the family of “cucurbita pepo.” It originated in America and it comes in a variety of colors including: light green, dark green, and various shades of yellow. It looks somewhat like a cucumber if you take a quick glance, but there are noticeable differences between the two. Most people like to eat zucchini in salads, but it is completely perfect to eat one of these raw by itself. It can also taste great when cooked and added to dishes because of its unique flavor.

So what are some zucchini health benefits?

Prevents disease – If you are at risk for scurvy, it would be very smart to consume some zucchini. Of course any dark green veggie will likely help you out in that case, zucchini works extremely well.

Provides Vitamin C – Zucchini has a ton of vitamin C and can really help you out if you are deficient.

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Helps with healthy weight loss – This is an awesome food to eat if you are trying to lose weight because it is very low in calories; the great thing is that it is also pretty filling.

Balances hormones – Another one of the health benefits of zucchini is that it helps to balance hormones. If you have raging hormones and they are hard to get under control, consider adding this vegetable to your diet to see if it helps you out.

Prevents certain types of cancer – There is some evidence in support of zucchini having antioxidants and nutrients that work together to prevent colon cancer. If you are at-risk, consider adding some zucchini to your diet!

Getting the full health benefits of zucchini

In order to maximize your health benefits of zucchini juice and full zucchinis, it is important to keep the dark green skin on the outside. If you peel the skin, you take away a ton of vital nutrients that you will want to get. All that you have to do if you are worried about the outside having germs on it is to wash it. When you wash it, you will be able to get the germs off and still get the major health benefits from this tasty vegetable! When buying it, it is recommended to make sure that your zucchini is fully ripe and darker in color. Although there are many different shades available to purchase from, you will be able to easily see which ones are the darkest.

source : Health Benefits of Zucchini


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